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Which driver would you prefer?

WHAT CALL IT IN THE WESTDESIGNATED DRIVERWHAT THEY CALL IT IN THE EASTHANDORU KIPASHORTIES #3AVAMASH.COM,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,japan,countries,Japanese culture,sandbox
Keep the Handoru

21st January 2016 – Awin on Shorties #3
He will get you home safe, but it will take you for a ride.
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Be Careful When You..

Where Are You Going?A kiraCozy Manshon 10 mins from KyotoOne Night: 80$Otsu, Shiga, Japan(27)Private Room 3 Guest(s)1 BedSHORTIES #2AVAMASH.COMWOW 80$ FOR MANSION IN JAPAN? WHAT A DZAU I'M 60IN6 TO STAY IN JAPAN LUXURIOUSLY.KSHORTIES #2AVAMASH.COM,comics,funny comics & strips,
Book A Manshon

7th January 2016 – Vincent on Shorties #2
I’ve been researching for home stays for my travel to Japan next year. All I need now is a hat to sleep with!
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#1: What Does Wanpisu Really Meant in Japan
SHORTIES #1AVAMASH.COMAONE WEEK LATERSHORTIES #1AVAMASH.COM,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,art,beautiful pictures,japan culture,one piece,anime,sandbox

One Piece?!

7th January 2016 – Wilson3 on Shorties #1

Luffy too must’ve meant something else when he said Wanpisu.

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