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See ya later

It was nice to get here, on .com -- I feel here a bit of the atmosphere which was on our reactor in it's earlier years. Even despite pidor invasion. This is a cozy and warm atmosphere, that more and more fading away with time on .cc.

You, guys, the ones, who makes this atmosphere! Too bad that it's so small amount of you here.

But it's pretty obvious now that some of us will spending their time here too sometimes. At least I am.

So I will not say bye completely. Just don't abandon this site.

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behlod my farewelel mastepriece
I NTERNETI NTERNETRETURN!I NTERNETI NTERNET,joyreactor.com,invasion,Пидоры Джойреактора В Паралельной Вселенной,uncanny,looking at viewer,sandbox,Joyreactor.cc,ivent,event
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I got this idea when I saw this post: http://joyreactor.com/post/5081871
 %s*kS0^..J | Xv +. ^ 7\ ^' 1 ^ , gA ^. i , *<gH-''tfv ^> ^ Jtj ^ **hir^ ^ ^|1?*^^^ ^^^ ^F <1 t /V < * Lr .. # V * jv JP7 ./ _*_ ._/^ .^jfl 1 \ -IA. . V - ^^AEv ' * ^,Russia,countries,Пидоры Джойреактора В Паралельной Вселенной,pidor invasion,doom,DOOM SUKA
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it also have english subtitles
Author: Михаил МК
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Author: Copypaster
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Russia,countries,Joyreactor.cc,vodka,alcohol,mishka,balalayka,matroshka,attack on titan blyat,sandbox,matryoshka suka blyat,YOPT,pidor invasion,атака на глагну
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