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The Terran\series\6eekNiche@GeekNicheComic,Geek Niche,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,aliens,test,yawn
The Terran Test\series\6eekNiche @GeekNicheComic
Geek Niche,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,aliens,test,yawn
Comments 310.03.201522:23link4.7
Indeed - it's contageous
MadBro MadBro11.03.201500:17responselink 0.1
But I forgot - they all are to get shot cuz redshirted always die in star trek
MadBro MadBro11.03.201500:21responselink 0.0
1. That's only for away missions, and
2. Only applies to the O.S. (Come to think of it, perhaps that superstition is why they changed the uniforms for TNG?)
Hinoron Hinoron06.04.202018:25responselink 0.0
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