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AKT1STS &E1WG FKXEA/OSWlfH AfcTLrSPro sUjoui, HanKs! /YlucV^ UtterjCorts!Sort won 4 4-0 boe*K yo^r f ngeo *o v,> shp fnUi^ be-Hec <*r4-HfWfWyoo s4op f-Won f>^e.X V.ot>e *oW V<A e*v^OO' Y\oA^V"fOSar&k Rfl^tcten,comics,funny comics &amp; strips, cartoons,sarahseeandersen,artists,friendship
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AKT1STS &E1WG FKXEA/OS WlfH AfcTLïrS Pro s Ujoui, HanKs! /YlucV^ Utterj Corts! Sortï won 4 4-0 boe*K yo^r f ngeo *o v«,> shp fnUi^ be-Hec <*r4- HfWfW yoo s4op •f-Won f>^e. X V.ot>e * oW V»<A e* v^OO«' Y\oA^ “V" fOSar&k Rfl^tcten
comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,sarahseeandersen,artists,friendship
Comments 424.11.201315:12link4.6
how sweet
Re-L May Re-L May24.11.201323:28responselink 0.0
that guy looks nothing like an artist. he looks like a chess player
RedneckJoe RedneckJoe25.11.201316:25responselink 0.0
RedneckJoe RedneckJoe25.11.201316:25responselink 0.0
this is not only between the artists, same relationships exist between two people who has same profession/hobby: musicians, poets, chess players
DeadWhale DeadWhale25.11.201316:33responselink 0.0
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