Nothing against, but I'm tired of seeing little anime girls 12-14 years in joyreactor. / tired :: zealot

zealot tired 
Nothing against, but I'm tired of seeing little anime girls 12-14 years in joyreactor..
especially those who want to give their %$#@%
use more in the comments sometimes

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Hallelujah, someone shares the same opinion.
I can't stand that flood of anime little girls anymore.
Can't you guys admire it in moderation?
heindall heindall24.01.201400:26responselink 2.8
most of those posts have Ecchi or Nsfw tag, use sfw mode and you won't see those posts.
RedneckJoe RedneckJoe24.01.201401:19responselink -0.9
I got to agree on this one, it's like every third post is of anime girls...
Clusive Clusive24.01.201400:36responselink 3.7
I agree. There are billions of other things that you can share.
Supra Supra24.01.201400:58responselink 3.7
And I am tired from this Pokemon flood on the main page.
Especially from those posts which are not even funny.
Block anime or ecchi tag and live in peace, but no, all you can do is to complain
RedneckJoe RedneckJoe24.01.201401:11responselink -3.6
Well I like the anime girls.
/logged in just to type this
Really the main reason I keep going to this website is for the nice drawings, anime pics and the echi/erotic pics/gifs

Most of the comics, I barely find it funny. Hardly worth a glance.
dexich dexich 24.01.201402:19 response link 0.0
You can find much more anime pics from ecchi/erotic source in hentai sites, you know.
heindall heindall24.01.201403:29responselink 3.0
no arguing there, 'cause I do that too. I just browse through here everyday to find amazing anime drawings or funny gifs

It's easier 'cause it feels like I'm browsing anime pics at shuffle mode. I don't just look for one specific artist, style,gif or anime.
dexich dexich 24.01.201408:21 response link 0.0
Problem: I dislike something that is meticulously tagged for the expressed purpose of organizing what you do or don't see

Solution: Whine instead of fixing the problem yourself
XiaoXao XiaoXao24.01.201403:47responselink 1.5
He's not whining. He's basically expressing himself saying that Joyreactor is basically anime drawings now. I really don't mind It, I just get quite annoyed that the original artists aren't even mentioned.
Star Star24.01.201406:46responselink 1.0
Except its not really. Its a good mish-mash of random stuff. I'm thankful there isn't that "Le french" crap from Reddit, even if we have to deal with shitty comics now and again. Now it seems we're in a dumb struggle for no reason. Can't we all waste time on the internets together?

I agree though, it'd be nice if the original artists were tagged, linked, or credited. What is this, FunnyJunk?
XiaoXao XiaoXao24.01.201407:41responselink 0.0
Most of the crappy art posted here is generic that means is made by contracted illustrators that dont have artistic freedom which they have to stick with the generic styles. Its not original and sometimes its not even good. Id suggest ppl look for concept art and independent artists which u find many drawing styles and painting styles and not the same crap that looks came out from the same butthole place.
Lucas Cavalcanti Lucas Cavalcanti24.01.201409:20responselink -0.1
It's hard to make everyone to put authors' names or nicks in tags or post link to the artist everytime. Sometimes, if it's a repost from another site (non-deviantart), it's impossible to know author's nick/name. Yeah, you can try to search by image in google to know who is the artist, but i only know a few people who would do that. I always try to put author's nick in tags (if that's possible)
DeadWhale DeadWhale24.01.201413:33responselink 0.0
Bro, you can block ecchi tag and you won't see that girls, But you will be able to see other anime arts and gifs
DeadWhale DeadWhale24.01.201413:35responselink 0.0
yep, agree
Tubaina Tubaina12.04.201419:44responselink 1.8
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