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girls vs boys real life comparison 
girls vs boys,real life,comparison

girls vs boys,real life,comparison
Comments 525.01.201419:49link0.6
id say its true about the guys but the girls just a few are like that. Most of the girls being 14, look like 14 and act like 16.
Lucas CavalcantiLucas Cavalcanti25.01.201420:38responselink 0.0
That particular girl looks like Justin Bieber
fazhar fazhar25.01.201422:16responselink 0.0
I might be the only 19 year female old in my city who acts all crazy and gives zero fucks about appearance. The rest (Even young) dress as they were much older.
Star Star26.01.201405:28responselink 0.0
Not all girls are like that, I know I'm not, in fact I act like a 6 year old! Hate dressing all fancy, it REALLY annoys my parents
PotterMoose PotterMoose23.05.201419:30responselink 0.0
The only clothes I do and ever will own are comphy shorts and a T-shirt.
PotterMoose PotterMoose23.05.201419:31responselink 0.0
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