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I think I understand law....kinda.
FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONSth Starbucks Corporation. We are simplyogo or marketing purposes How Is that legal?Short answer -parody tew Can you elaborate?it then traoemarKs unuei -   ---_rinhaiowb u to us mw a* *'................_oai----Ai Yankovtc to use Beat r  Ns parody song *Eat r So la this a
FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS th Starbucks Corporation. We are simply ogo »or marketing purposes How Is that legal? Short answer -parody tew Can you elaborate? it then traoemarKs unuei - — - -- _ rinh„ aiowb u« to us» mw »»a«™*» *«•' ................_ oai---- Ai Yankovtc to use •Beat r « Ns parody song *Eat r So la this a real bualneaa? Yes a is Although we are a h#y hmcboreng cotlee shop, »or legalreaaons w needs to be categorized as a work ot parody art So. in the eyes ol the law. tw conja anop actuary an art gaSery and the 'codee’ you're buying Is considered the art. But that* tor our lawyers to worry about Ai you need »0 do « enioy our deioous ccHeel Are you saying Starbucks Is dumb? Not at al m fact, we love Surbucka and look up to them as rota models. Untortuiataty. the only way »use the* mtetwctual property under fa* use 4 « we are making fun ot them So the •dumb’ comes out ol necessity, not enmity. Okay. I thmk I understand now. Great Anything else?
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Starbucks will sue them
Re-L May Re-L May 19.02.201412:55 response link 0.0
Probably. But technically, Fair Use lets them parody them to the Nth degree so....when is not clear.
XiaoXao XiaoXao 19.02.201413:16 response link 0.0
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