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art girl fantasy anime Blade and Soul games 
art,beautiful pictures,girl,fantasy,anime,Blade and Soul,games

art,beautiful pictures,girl,fantasy,anime,Blade and Soul,games
Comments 1128.02.201413:55link5.5
That is from the game Blade and Soul
Shimonz Shimonz28.02.201422:25responselink 0.0
i dont think so
ReVeSReVeS28.02.201423:04responselink 0.0
or mby its boss or npc ?
ReVeS ReVeS28.02.201423:04responselink 0.0
yes it is the fucking awesome greateast concept art of all as know as blade and soul concept, nao shut up xD
Lucas Cavalcanti Lucas Cavalcanti01.03.201400:08responselink 0.0
Class: Gunner
arimas arimas01.03.201400:18responselink 0.0
whaaat class gunner ??!?!?!?!? i dont know of that :(
and i dont see that class on official site mby u lie ? or mby im blind xD
ReVeS ReVeS01.03.201402:06responselink 0.0
it's a boss from Blade and Soul
Not sure if it's her name or the dungeon's name... it's Pohwaran
dexich dexich01.03.201406:59responselink 0.0
ty and u right
ReVeS ReVeS01.03.201417:01responselink 0.0
so add tag game.blade and soul
anime tag dont delete because anime blade and soul have to :D
ReVeS ReVeS01.03.201417:02responselink 0.0
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granitex granitex02.03.201400:41responselink 0.0
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