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Comments 601.03.201414:57link3.8
she's a doll with plastic smile
Re-L May Re-L May 01.03.201418:32 response link 0.0
dool - checked
plastic- checked
smile- checked
link to the gif
RedneckJoe RedneckJoe 01.03.201419:34 response link 1.5
She ruins it with this stare to the side(to check the result I guess).
dimwalker dimwalker 01.03.201421:08 response link 0.6
Ali Heibi Ali Heibi 02.03.201401:27 response link 0.0
link to the gif
Prince Shawn. Prince Shawn. 02.03.201401:47 response link 0.0
She's making her turn with her right hand, look at her arm muscle
StealthAssassin StealthAssassin 02.03.201401:51 response link 0.0
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