sisyphus :: RedneckJoe :: stopmotion :: bear :: print :: 3D :: gif (gif animation, animated pictures)

3D print bear stopmotion gif sisyphus RedneckJoe 
link to the gif3D,print,bear,stopmotion,gif,gif animation, animated pictures,sisyphus,RedneckJoe

3D,print,bear,stopmotion,gif,gif animation, animated pictures,sisyphus,RedneckJoe
Comments 1515.04.201411:22link5.1
tag sisyphus :D
d1ngd0ng d1ngd0ng 15.04.201413:30 response link 0.0
Ali Heibi Ali Heibi 15.04.201413:38 response link 0.0
do u know sisyphus? it remembered me of this story. the bear walks and walks but will never arrive...
d1ngd0ng d1ngd0ng 15.04.201413:43 response link 0.0
Yeah I know the story, anyway I'll tag it for you :-)...
Ali Heibi Ali Heibi 15.04.201413:47 response link 0.0
thanks a lot
d1ngd0ng d1ngd0ng 15.04.201415:28 response link 0.0
I see that you love to put useless tags in posts
RedneckJoe RedneckJoe 15.04.201414:44 response link 0.0
It seems so... No look again :-)
Ali Heibi Ali Heibi 15.04.201415:47 response link 0.0
Downvoted this.
RedneckJoe RedneckJoe 16.04.201413:57 response link 0.0
arrw :3

r u mad?
d1ngd0ng d1ngd0ng 16.04.201415:08 response link 0.0
no, why I should be mad?
RedneckJoe RedneckJoe 16.04.201419:41 response link 0.0
cuz u downvoted him
d1ngd0ng d1ngd0ng 16.04.201423:05 response link 0.0
just didn't like his stupidity, that's all
but the first comments was adressed to you, cause it's you who like to put useless tags
RedneckJoe RedneckJoe 17.04.201415:26 response link 0.0
oh really? then you may teach me how to tag :)

could u show me some posts and the tags where u think theyre 'useless' ?
d1ngd0ng d1ngd0ng 17.04.201415:42 response link 0.0
3D mesh IRL
Re-L May Re-L May 15.04.201413:53 response link 0.0
link to the gif
Ali Heibi Ali Heibi 15.04.201414:09 response link 0.0
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