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Comments 624.06.201421:11link8.7
Zealot Zealot24.06.201421:12responselink 0.0
That psychodelic scene looks like he's on drugs too.
He's an addicted and a pedophile.
He's scary in more ways than he should...
heindall heindall25.06.201403:58responselink 2.2
I still love hisoka
Shimonz Shimonz25.06.201417:58responselink 0.0
I wouldn't say "love" as he is such an sex predator.
But he is cool xD
heindall heindall25.06.201421:02responselink 0.0
Tubaina Tubaina26.06.201404:57responselink 2.1
Plz, don't do this to us...
heindall heindall27.06.201401:53responselink 2.1
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