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Comments 711.07.201423:19link6.5
where are the dragons?
Lucas Cavalcanti Lucas Cavalcanti12.07.201400:55responselink 0.0
Dragons belong to the myth stories, in science we've dinosaurs.
Ali Heibi Ali Heibi12.07.201400:58responselink 0.0
so lizards cant become dragons but dinosaurs can turn into birds? no way xD
Lucas Cavalcanti Lucas Cavalcanti12.07.201401:13responselink 0.0
Dragons might be leftover prehistoric reptiles who don't finish to extinct and people were saw them and thought they are unknown creatures.
But according to science ther're no evidnce for that.
Ali Heibi Ali Heibi12.07.201410:00responselink 0.1
They all flew away in space so we don't have any fossils.
deathzer0 deathzer012.07.201403:17responselink -1.1
Thank you sir , That kind of thought is beautiful , and made me believe again! you have made my day...
Tubaina Tubaina12.07.201407:31responselink 0.0
kunfirekunkunfirekun13.07.201402:55responselink 0.0
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