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do don't please don't men fashion 

do,don't,please don't,men,fashion

do,don't,please don't,men,fashion

FOOTWEARtFA classy pair of sandals,do,don't,please don't,men,fashion

SUNGLASSESi Has &Fieri(3Sffll<30PLEASEDONTAliy kliul <if Minglnssi's worn ti|mi<lt* clown oil llir bunk of your Imml like Guy FieriDONTGod, this kind uf Miii.uhiNHrsmml*)*PS8lg,do,don't,please don't,men,fashion

do,don't,please don't,men,fashion

WATCHESPLEASE DONTA clock strapped to your wrist with a shoelaceDONTA watch thats too small,do,don't,please don't,men,fashion


FOOTWEAR ütF A classy pair of sandals
SUNGLASSES i • Has & Fieri(3Sffl§l£<£30 PLEASE DON’T Aliy kliul <if Minglnssi's worn ti|mi<lt* clown oil llir bunk of your Imml like Guy Fieri DON’T God, this kind uf Miii.uhiNHrs mm £l*)*PS§8lg

WATCHES PLEASE DON’T A clock strapped to your wrist with a shoelace DON’T A watch that’s too small
do,don't,please don't,men,fashion
Comments 413.10.201413:45link3.9
hmmm, I don't know, some of those don'ts look better than the do's....the sunglasses for instance- I have never seen a heterosexual man wear tortoiseshell sunnies like those....and I'm sure no self respecting homosexual would be caught dead in them either
clichegirl clichegirl13.10.201418:06responselink 0.0
...No, that's shit for the most of those idea !
nerkos nerkos14.10.201400:39responselink 0.0
since when is it a dont to wear a v-neck???
zerouplol12 zerouplol1214.10.201407:39responselink 0.0
You have a chest hair? If you do so don't or shave it.
Ali Heibi Ali Heibi14.10.201410:14responselink 0.0
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