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A "simple" question

Comments 2906.01.201523:47link10.5
id do the universe after my image but i think someone already did that. =P
Lucas Cavalcanti Lucas Cavalcanti 07.01.201500:08 response link 0.4
nothing - no reason to act
Re-L May Re-L May 07.01.201500:21 response link 0.0
just like the real one. hahahahaha lmfao
Lucas Cavalcanti Lucas Cavalcanti 07.01.201501:57 response link 0.0
Kill putin immediately and all dictators on planet. Repair all roads in Ukraine and all other countries who needs road repairing. Grow up economic of Ukraine and all other weak-economic countries. Make every human to found his\her man or woman. Make everybody get normal pay for his\her work. Sorry for bad english.
serjcat serjcat 07.01.201500:49 response link -0.1
what's this fetish about roads? a fresh smooth brand new road turns u on?
Lucas Cavalcanti Lucas Cavalcanti 07.01.201501:57 response link 1.4
He want to be the roads god - and people should sacrifice asphalt for him.
Ali Heibi Ali Heibi 07.01.201502:23 response link 0.5
If you live in country with bad roads and bad economic - you will understand me. If you live in country with normal roads and normal economic - you will not understand me. It is annoying to drive every day on bad roads, and live behind angry people because of low economic.
serjcat serjcat 07.01.201512:59 response link 0.0
Ukraine has bad roads and bad economy? i see your point but if i put in comparison to the rest of the world, your problems are gonna sound like first world problems, im not saying theyre wrong but in my world a normal economy is a fucked up economy as is like that in most countries of the world outside of europe, north america or australia
Lucas Cavalcanti Lucas Cavalcanti 07.01.201513:39 response link 0.0
I can't fully agree with you. Sorry.
serjcat serjcat 07.01.201522:35 response link 0.0
fuck everyone in my neighborhood!!!
Roberto Luiz Roberto Luiz 07.01.201501:13 response link 0.0
it had to be the brazilian. id the same tho. lmfao
Lucas Cavalcanti Lucas Cavalcanti 07.01.201501:55 response link 1.3
Same thing as God... nothing sit back and laugh at the week and watch them suffer. also lots of video games :-\
RedRaven RedRaven 07.01.201502:02 response link 0.5
Thank you, but I'm altready a mentally healthy.
Ali Heibi Ali Heibi 07.01.201502:25 response link 0.0
Generating an absolute void, the only way to make something without injustice. No suffering, no prejudice, no solitude, no pain, no impotence, no mind, no feeling, no sentient, no love, no happyness, no satisfaction, no discovery, no company, no enrapture... by my point of view is only an improvment.
Stalker Stalker 07.01.201502:37 response link 0.0
no impotence? lol
Lucas Cavalcanti Lucas Cavalcanti 07.01.201503:32 response link 0.0
happy to see you got just a point (misunderstand besides) of the entire post, this gave me hope on humankind.
Stalker Stalker 07.01.201518:24 response link 0.3
see where humanity goes
magus68 magus68 07.01.201504:18 response link 0.0
Get out of debt, give myself a stable job and a vehicle that works.
PaladinPanther PaladinPanther 07.01.201507:28 response link 0.3
Go back to bed
Shimonz Shimonz 07.01.201508:17 response link 0.2
peep on the girls bathroom
zerouplol12 zerouplol12 07.01.201509:44 response link 0.0
You're mean like that instaed:
link to the gif
Ali Heibi Ali Heibi 07.01.201512:51 response link 0.6
Nice movie: Bruce Almighty (2003)
love_light love_light07.01.201512:58responselink 0.0
Play Minecraft with the world.... Create creepers and let them lose... or just transform some fanatic muslims, either way.... shhhhhhhh BOOM!
McGreed McGreed 07.01.201515:55 response link 0.1
...I would ask this question on joyreactor obviously
imag@k imag@k 07.01.201516:34 response link 0.0
Asator Asator 07.01.201520:09 response link 0.0
I would bring this guy back! I think Hitler and Jesus are the same dude!
joakingibran joakingibran 08.01.201500:08 response link 0.0
fuck everything
doxenking doxenking 08.01.201504:18 response link 0.0
Impregnate a virgin and demand my chosen people slice off parts of their body that i made them with.
Tobearius Tobearius 08.01.201518:45 response link 0.0
End man kind. To start over. Try another race of human like creatures and watch THEM drive themselves into the ground.
aR_HydroCT aR_HydroCT 10.01.201511:48 response link 0.0
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