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disease,cure,caricature,Steve Sack
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makkura makkura01.02.201513:03responselink 0.0
just because there is vaxxers this don't mean ANY vaxxers are good and right, there is a lot of company that sell junk vaxxers that cause autism, high fever and even death.

Just because common apples are flavoured and good this don't mean you MUST accept THIS apple...
Stalker Stalker01.02.201514:52responselink -0.3
you are aware that there is NO connection between autism and vaxxers. the doctor who published that work lost his medical license for manipulating the data.

DO NOT state a "fact" to make your point when you didn't even do the research to know its validity...
TEKU_black TEKU_black01.02.201518:16responselink 0.3
on top of that, his researchdata was "lost" due to poor back-up and such. No serious scientist wouldn't copy his data on atleast 3 different mediums at minimal to make sure no data is lost whatever happens.
Nikkiiboii Nikkiiboii02.02.201501:07responselink 0.1
or at the very least there would be someone else out there who agreed with his research. but he was the only one.
TEKU_black TEKU_black02.02.201503:44responselink 0.0
i didn't know if people on joyreactor fogoten how use response button or its just a coincidence if someone talk about my same topic on the same pictures.
Anyway i didn't need doing reserch, because i know humankind. (anyway i do my research about it).
Stalker Stalker02.02.201514:10responselink -0.2
My apologies. I am new to this site. I was unaware that response button was here.
I will be sure from now on when I correct your idiotic comments that I use the response button.
TEKU_black TEKU_black02.02.201520:05responselink -0.1
You promote nosense absolutism and now also offense on everybody don't have your same point of view.
If there is just a misunderstanding du to the language im happy to resolve this.
Stalker Stalker03.02.201501:41responselink -0.1
I don't think there is a misunderstanding. You stated that Vaccines can cause autism. that is just plain wrong. There is no evidence to support it and the one man who did lost his license because hit work was proved to be false. YOU made an incorrect comment and i corrected you. That is what happened.

I called you out on this and what did you do. you started to attack me for not knowing there was a response button. So i called you out and you tried to change the subject.

deal with it!
TEKU_black TEKU_black03.02.201502:06responselink 0.0
Guys calm down. Let's agree to disagree, and go for cease-fire.
There better posts that worth comments :-)
Ali Heibi Ali Heibi03.02.201502:14responselink 0.0
you are right. I cant argue with someone who doesn't want to do the research for themselves. back to the internet we go!
TEKU_black TEKU_black03.02.201502:19responselink 0.0
1) i didn't attack nobody, i didn't need to do this.
2) i never say ALL vaxen cause autism, i say SOME vaxen can cause autism or even fever and other sympton, but you want to read only what you what to read.
3) you talk about a single lawsuit of unknow country, but there is an open lawsuit about vaxen around all the world with different evidence and opinion, like in my country where there is prove death caused but corrupted vaxen.

I can understand anyone here is free to be troll and flamer, but i just want to do costructive dialogue with reasonable people, i alredy do it in the past on this site, But if you want to be a troll then i threat you like a troll and i stop feeding you.

Honestly i hope you chose to be reasonable and a friendly.
Stalker Stalker04.02.201512:07responselink 0.0
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