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Re-L May Re-L May05.02.201500:15responselink 0.0
Very few words can be spoken with such force. Its so true it hurts...
TEKU_black TEKU_black05.02.201500:16responselink 0.0
yeah especially if you know that your hell is just right here, in your head
Re-L May Re-L May05.02.201500:21responselink 0.0
i cant figure out how i can start with such a high rating. then all of a sudden im in the negative. yet i get so many compliments. ...
TEKU_black TEKU_black05.02.201505:18responselink 0.0
some people vote for, some people - vote against. this is how the local rating system works
Re-L May Re-L May05.02.201515:47responselink 0.0
I guess they don't want people to get out of the sandbox then...
TEKU_black TEKU_black05.02.201517:36responselink 0.0
http://joyreactor.com/user/moo_roar managed to get out from the sandbox
Re-L May Re-L May05.02.201517:48responselink 0.0
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