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ryan selvy comics Star Wars fandoms light saber batteries 
ryan selvy,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,Star Wars,fandoms,light saber,batteries

ryan selvy,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,Star Wars,fandoms,light saber,batteries
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Be even funnier if they had to recharge from a USB port. :-D
Bogwombler Bogwombler07.05.201506:41responselink 0.0
woa, woa, woa.

Dont run ahead of time. At that time socket chargers was more common. and cooler.
Embz Embz07.05.201510:07responselink 0.1
LOL Brings to mind STOS where Spock copies data onto what appeared to be a 3 1/2 " floppy back when there were only mainframes, punch cards, and tape drives. Now we have cheap 64 and 128 Gb SD cards the size of a thumbnail. I panicked a few weeks back when the one in my tab popped out and fell on the floor. My wife had to find it for me by sweeping the floor. What tickled me about the cartoon which prompted my comment is the fact that Star Wars is supposed to be in our future. Another thing that got me laughing was in the movie Star Trek Into Darkness where Uhura was using this big clunky earpiece connecting her to the comm panel. My Bluetooth earpiece for my phone is a fourth the size. I guess they don't have Amazon or BestBuy in the 24th century. Either that or Apple designed their comm system! :-D
Bogwombler Bogwombler08.05.201506:29responselink 0.0
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