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What is this from?
Jathic Jathic09.06.201500:20responselink 0.2
I need it for reasons.
XiaoXao XiaoXao09.06.201506:02responselink 0.2
The character is Etna from the game series/anime known as Disgaea. Her actual age is... indeterminable, though it's pretty obvious what she's meant to look like.
I'm assuming this specifically is a fan-bad H-parody vid. There may be no more to it than what you see, or there may be more. Longshot chance this is an ero-game, since the mainstream game company that licences Disgaea is unlikely to share the copyright.
Hinoron Hinoron09.06.201520:19responselink 1.1
HungryRabbi HungryRabbi13.06.201502:43responselink 0.0
anwlakrwlgkssha anwlakrwlgkssha09.06.201512:35responselink 0.0
this is whole new level xD
nhoccan nhoccan09.06.201512:42responselink 0.0
Curious Cortez Curious Cortez09.09.201520:32responselink 0.0
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