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The Future of Holograms and Motion sensors

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Comments 427.06.201523:40link7.3
Useless crap - sometimes it's hard to touch right icon on flat smart phone screen, what about this shit in 3d /facepalm
Jackofallthreats Jackofallthreats 28.06.201510:20 response link 0.4
i Said this on 9gag. just because its useless now it is progress. its the first step on fully usable 3 d holograms. yes its shit how but thats how cars were 200 years ago or how tv was 60 years. also transferring simple gestures like that so that the computer knows what you really mean to do is hard. it might look simplistic but it certainly isn't easy to do.
Radu Forthemasses Radu Forthemasses 28.06.201520:14 response link 0.0
lastwar123 lastwar123 01.07.201523:50 response link 0.0
but sometimes physical buttons are much more easier to use nowdays
lastwar123 lastwar123 01.07.201523:51 response link 0.0
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