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Asian erotic,erotic,nude girls & sexy pictures, naked photos,girl,erotic selfies,look
Comments 2101.09.201515:32link10.9
If you pay close attention you can see that there is a really messy room behind her.
krakan99krakan9901.09.201515:55responselink 0.1
That reminds me of my 'office'
TunguskaTunguska02.09.201502:06responselink 0.0
So how did some fat slovenly otaku creep get a girl into his room in the first place?
HinoronHinoron02.09.201507:45responselink 0.0
Some weird black sorcery that he found in one of his mangas, probably.
krakan99krakan9902.09.201512:38responselink 0.0
You really thing only boy have messy room? once i go in a girls apartment there are selling, one of them say: "i make a bit of orderly" but actualy the entire apartment was entirely more mess than the mine in their worst time. i can't se the floor because it was entirely covered with dress and shirt, shoes on every bed, undone bed, bottle and bin of every type overtuned on every shelf and i don't talk about dust and filth (or smell) it look like one of that destroyed house in a country on war, anyway i ignored the apartment the renovation suck and their asked too much.
StalkerStalker02.09.201517:10responselink 0.0
No, I'm looking at the contents of the mess. Look at those shelves closely. The crap everywhere (a lot of it manga books) just tells me this is a tiny apartment (probably one of those single-room "rabbit hutch" places) rather than a bedroom in his mom's house.

That girl you met is probably a junkie. She certainly lives like one. I have met many of them in the low-income rooming house I live in to keep my living expenses less than my income. Our Landlady, for several years, was off the opinion that a Junkie's welfare check was inherently better than an empty room earning no rent. Dozens of police visits and thousands of dollars in vandalism repairs later, she has learned the monetary value of screening potential renters better. It's still kind of a crap-shoot. You usually can't tell if someone's psycho but just a very practiced liar until you live with them for a few months. Drug addicts get a lot of practice lying, at the very least.
HinoronHinoron02.09.201519:09responselink 0.1
Speaking of the contents, I spent 15 minutes trying to find that map by its visible corner (To confirm this is Japan. She looks Japanese -- but so do Koreans-- and the clutter looks like a Japanese anime otaku collection, but there's been a fair bit of cultural bleed in recent decades.)

Drove myself to frustration for those 15 minutes looking for that land mass until I finally recalled this is a mirror reflection. Yes, that yellow territory is definitely the northern part of the isle of Honshu, Japan. Hokkaido (mostly behind her head) has been shifted into the middle of the Sea of Japan so they can fit more land into a square map.
I'm slow sometimes. :P
HinoronHinoron02.09.201519:18responselink 0.0
Honestly i'm not an expert of otaku stuff, but for what i can see these stuff look all like girly stuff, for example the purple haired girl in the left, to me (i repeat, i'm not an expert so is just IMHO) look much more like a doll than an action figure. much more usual for a girl than a boy.
StalkerStalker03.09.201517:28responselink 0.0
I fear you seriously underestimate the lonely Japanese otaku man's obsession with adolescent Magical Girls in extremely short skirts.
HinoronHinoron04.09.201503:39responselink 0.0
Holy shit, is that yours? Please tell me it's not yours.
krakan99krakan9904.09.201515:38responselink 0.0
Of course not. I'm Canadian, not Japanese. Don't be silly!

(Hinoron kicks a box full of MLP:FIM merchandise under his bed and out of sight while you're distracted)

Anyway, that image comes from Google.
HinoronHinoron05.09.201506:48responselink 0.0
Well i also watched and liked madoka magica, wath i try to mean is: this action figures even reasembling little girl this one are in dynamic pose, the purple haired i talk about like one of those dressable for playining. I repeat im not an expert but action figures are just decorative object, the doll are playable.
StalkerStalker06.09.201517:36responselink 0.0
Aint that the truth!
YorksYorks04.09.201505:27responselink 0.0
It wasn't serious, it's just a joke, you know... the "girls don't exist on the Internet" and bullshit like that. My room is fairly organized and I have been to some girl's rooms where I was just mesmerized, that shit was a crazy mess. So I understand where you are coming from, but don't take everything on the Internet to seriously, it'll kill ya, I talk from experience. x)
krakan99krakan9902.09.201519:31responselink 0.2
lastwar123lastwar12302.09.201521:44responselink 0.0
Bloody hell, how big IS that mirror?
Freelancer95Freelancer9502.09.201505:47responselink 0.1
Doesn't have to be huge if she's standing in the middle of the room, and the photo is cropped to the mirror's edges.
HinoronHinoron02.09.201519:10responselink 0.0
I love this body. Wow,amazing
lastwar123lastwar12302.09.201521:44responselink 0.2
Totally, pretty hot. Not fat, not too slim or too fit, it's just right.
krakan99krakan9902.09.201521:59responselink 0.0
I agree with you
jovan123jovan12310.10.201519:22responselink 0.0
Wooow Really beautiful !!!
What is the source of this pics please ????
MakishimaMakishima04.09.201501:38responselink 0.0
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