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Not gonna try it...

fire,awesome,tallent,guy,dude, fellow

fire,awesome,tallent,guy,dude, fellow
Comments 202.11.201523:06link4.5
Done it, great fun.

Just avoid ANY fuel that will burn without a wick (like alcohol, gasoline, acetone...) - since that will royally fuck you up (as seen in a billion youtube videos)
Use only lamp oil (n-parraffin) and make sure you don't get that shit in your lungs, chemical pneumonia aint fun.
Seroster Seroster 03.11.201501:39 response link 0.1
I was doing it for a long time :)
Use kerosene or don't try at all.
mktums mktums 03.11.201506:37 response link 0.0
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