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Comments 406.07.201622:30link5.3
Hmm... so cocain contains cement, fertilizer (animal shit) and gasoline.
Well... I never wanted to take any BEFORE either, but still...
Hinoron Hinoron07.07.201600:53responselink 0.1
How the fuck did someone figure that shit out?.....

"Hey this plant here."
"Lets chop it up."
"Yeah, then we'll toss in some cement."
"Why the fuck would you do that."
"Dunno, seems like a good idea. You know what your right it's shit."
"You want me to add shit.... that seems dumb but OK"
"No, fuck, why would you add shit to it? I'm just gonna pour gasoline on it and burn it."
"Wait now, we've gone through too much trouble, help me squeeze the gasoline out and see what we can salvage."
"Alright, I suppose we should add some soda crystals to soak up the left over gasoline."
"Soooooo now what do we do with it?"
"I dare you to snort it up your nose......."

I'm pretty sure that's how cocaine was invented.
Azreal Azreal07.07.201613:27responselink 1.7
sounds like they were high even before mixing it
Thirteen90 Thirteen9007.07.201621:55responselink 0.0
It contains gas?!
kelso kelso08.07.201607:55responselink 0.0
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