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Comments 506.10.201617:13link4.6
Oh, yeah! he wasted 15+ minute of you life you can spend much better like liking stuff on facebook or send message to your nigerian scammer boy/girl friend.
Stalker Stalker06.10.201617:52responselink 0.1
Uh... hatted dude's at a party just trying to enjoy his drink. The one attached to the internet is the dick with a phone and no boundary sense.
Hinoron Hinoron11.10.201620:41responselink 0.0
..."At a party" and he is "enjoying his drink" all alone. XD
Stalker Stalker12.10.201600:12responselink 0.0
Lots of people in the background, and who's to say he wasn't in the middle of a conversation with a person left of the panel before youtube boy interrupted them? I think you're inferring too much from too little.
Hinoron Hinoron12.10.201600:30responselink 0.0
lots of people in the background and everyone of them is coupled, but for the hatted guy, no anyone off panel, "the forever alone" is the main theme of this guy in the comic series.
The point of this comic, as i interpreted it, is how some people isolated them self even in social gathering despite the attempt of other people to including it to the group, similar to sarah endersen's comic where she blame how she is alone and it is the first to repulse other people. :)
Stalker Stalker12.10.201620:17responselink 0.0
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