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sponge bob,sculpture,gif,gif animation, animated pictures
Comments 1113.06.201200:41link4.4
OHHHHHH suck it
Zealot Zealot08.10.201307:33responselink 0.0
is an episode that squid tries to teach him art, but in the first hit with the hammer, the squid mollusk break the stone it all, and on the first beat of Sponge Bob he creates this sculpture !! xD
Zealot Zealot08.10.201318:29responselink 0.0
oh I thought that you suppose the whole cartoon sucks =)
Re-L MayRe-L May09.10.201300:37responselink 1.2
Oh no, i love sponge bob *u* cartoons make my unlucky days become happier
Zealot Zealot09.10.201304:33responselink 0.0
I love them but at the same moment I think they're dumb.
my comrade MadBro adores it and says they give him inspiration to do his mad things )
Re-L May Re-L May09.10.201313:51responselink 1.2
hmm Indeed, but they are dumb to make you laugh xDD so, what do the madbro did​​? .-.
ZealotZealot09.10.201317:52responselink 0.0
he does some university stuff and shits in comments. that's what he actually does
Re-L MayRe-L May09.10.201318:01responselink 1.2
Zealot Zealot09.10.201318:27responselink 0.0
and I do vodka
MadBro MadBro09.10.201321:52responselink 1.2
"asked for mad bro, blowing a torch, the result"
Zealot Zealot10.10.201301:24responselink 0.0
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