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fish pond nature cool gif 
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Comments 509.01.201720:03link6.7
have video?
granitex granitex09.01.201720:10responselink 0.0
Ali Heibi Ali Heibi09.01.201720:15responselink 2.1
From second 39.5, the video is destorted. I tried VLC, WMP, Firefox build in player and even converting into a different format, nothing.
Any advice?
Bavaria Bavaria11.01.201717:54responselink 0.0
The youtube video is working well.

If it's the gif, try seeing only the gif:
Ali Heibi Ali Heibi11.01.201718:01responselink 0.1
The problem is basically just that the .gif is playing faster than it is loading. Once it reaches the point where not all the data it's trying to display is there yet, we get messed up distortions.

You CAN just wait, and eventually it will be fully loaded and play through all the way properly, but what I usually do is move my mouse to the upper right corner, right-click the "link to the gif" link, and open it in a new tab. As soon as the icon for that tab shows me it's finished loading fully, I can watch it at my leisure. (and until it is, I can keep scrolling through other Joyreactor posts.)
Hinoron Hinoron30.12.201709:05responselink 0.0
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