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Ali Heibi Ali Heibi15.01.201720:13responselink 0.0
I have a problem with this video. From second 36 on it looks like this:

Doesn't matter if i watch it in Firefox or download it and use VLV or WindowsMediaPlayer.
Any ideas?
Bavaria Bavaria16.01.201702:06responselink 0.9
Yeah, that just means the later parts of the animated gif (not actually a video) are not finished loading yet. I see that a lot with the longer ones, especially on this site where there may be 7 other moving gifs on the same page.

Basically the gif is playing through faster than it is loading. You may also notice that each time it cycles through, it plays a bit longer before restarting. When it is completely finished loading, the distortion effect will be gone.

You can just wait, but there's a more efficient way (particularly if you'd like to keep surfing while the memory-hogging beast finishes loading):

If you mouse over the top-right corner of the page, a hotlink called "Link to the gif" becomes visible. right-click on that and select "Open link in a new tab". You now have a new "page" that is not trying to load anything else but that one moving give. When the busy icon stops spinning, it's ready to watch. ;)
Hinoron Hinoron16.01.201708:02responselink 3.1
Oh for f###s sake, THAT WAS the problem, thanks Hinoron.
I mostly download them and watch the gifs and videos in VLC from my HDD. Didn't know that my download programm could run in such a problem.
I find it interesting, that my downloader can suck a 1,5GB video from youtube without a problem, but fails with a 24MB video/gif here.

Ahhhh ..... the wounders of n̶a̶t̶u̶r̶e̶ the internet.
Bavaria Bavaria17.01.201706:55responselink 0.0
Before the last large update, all GIFS was worked fine - sometimes I've even better GIFS and I can't upload them due this problem :\
Ali Heibi Ali Heibi17.01.201717:31responselink 0.0
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