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Comments 907.04.201721:14link8.9
She is so cute.
Asian women are the most beautiful * _ *
Makishima Makishima 07.04.201722:31 response link 3.8
Right, but personal i like more chinese and i don't like so much jappan and korean one. just personal taste i guess.
Stalker Stalker 08.04.201700:42 response link 3.7
All asian !! =D

Well, not the Philippines ... but normally they are very beautiful too x)
Makishima Makishima 08.04.201715:49 response link 2.7
Well why not philippines too? he is cute in is how manner. XD
Stalker Stalker 08.04.201716:08 response link 2.7
Well, Rodrigo Duterte is cute, but that's not my style XD
I love it with more boobs, is less hair on legs x)
Makishima Makishima 08.04.201721:22 response link 2.7
Anyway that's remember my a stupid discussion with my cousin, a fapper DnD nerd: "pity we live in a world without elf girls" me:"what the fuck hell care about elf when we have asian and irish girls?"
Stalker Stalker 08.04.201716:11 response link 2.7
Irish ... yes but I prefer Asian girls !

Elf girls, why not, if she come from asia XD
Makishima Makishima 08.04.201721:19 response link 2.7
Why not a china-irish? actually jappanese draw chinese girls like a irish, hong meiling from touhou for example, generous soft shape with redhair, i think jappanese artists should come out some time and meet some real girls. XD
Stalker Stalker 08.04.201721:32 response link 2.7
One thing i hate about asian girls when they cover their smile and laugh, even my teachers do it, imho the smile is one of the sexiest thing in a girl, i don't expect they show me tits or pussy, but at least don't cover your smile.
Stalker Stalker 10.04.201717:59 response link 0.0
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