Wendy's roasting Mcdonalds is lit? / WendyS :: mcdonalds :: Wendy’s :: Vs :: Wendy (wendy's)

Wendy’s mcdonalds Vs WendyS Wendy (wendy's) 

Wendy's roasting Mcdonalds is lit?

Wendy’s,mcdonalds,Vs,WendyS,Wendy (wendy's)


Wendy’s,mcdonalds,Vs,WendyS,Wendy (wendy's)
Comments 228.04.201718:58link8.4
meh, but wndy's pics are cool :)
granitex granitex 28.04.201721:07 response link 3.6
Hey "Wendy"? You taken a good look in the mirror lately? You're just a little bit of white-face away yourself.
Hinoron Hinoron 31.12.201723:51 response link 0.0
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