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what a pretty decent human being :)
stueb133 stueb13309.08.201704:18responselink 0.0
No kidding. Thumbs up for that guy.
You see all the sores and blisters that barnacle-covered rope has caused the poor thing? Hell, there's a wedge cut in its fin a good six inches deep!
Hinoron Hinoron10.08.201704:17responselink 0.0
Faith in humanity restored by atleast 8%
SpaghettiWarlord SpaghettiWarlord10.08.201722:40responselink 0.0
Спагхеттиварлорд & Хинорон sorry would i replied earlier my medication knock's the wind out of me some day's lol. i retract all my previous comment. decent human being indeed!. Хинорон i really only glanced at this until you pointed out the damage the poor baby had suffered :(. this person need's a commendation, i am put this on my facebook and track this hero! down.
goodnight to the pair of you sleepwell, i really mean it i wish i dam could ha....ha :s XXX
stueb133 stueb13311.08.201707:06responselink 0.0
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