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Doll maker

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doll,maker,girl,sexy girl,picture,funny,funny picture
Comments 318.01.202111:02link5.1
so basicly the doll is creating dolls?
Ecneb Ecneb 18.01.202119:55 response link 1.9
making her own sex doll that looks like herself?
fazhar fazhar19.01.202107:38responselink 0.1
I can imagine so many advantages.
Creepy drunk dude: "Girl, the things I would do to you!"
Dollmaker: "Oh yeah? Gimme $300 and I'll lay perfectly still and let you do anything you want, no matter how kinky! You can even cum inside me!"
C.D.D.: "For real? Shit, I'll take that deal!" (pays)
Dollmaker: "Here's my hotel room number; I'll leave it unlocked." (Then *I'm* spending the night in the penthouse suite).
Hinoron Hinoron 19.01.202109:29 response link 0.1
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