When the new event started / SvolochAbramov :: painted by myself :: reactor :: witcher

witcher painted by myself reactor sandbox SvolochAbramov 

When the new event started

r<5 1>0(" PIW,witcher,painted by myself,reactor,sandbox,SvolochAbramov
ü£r<5 ГЛис Л1>0(ДТ" ллу PIW
witcher,painted by myself,reactor,sandbox,SvolochAbramov
Comments 1029.01.202216:54link5.7
I understand.
Esteban Esteban 29.01.202216:59 response link 0.2
300 florens?
Хермоус Мора Хермоус Мора 29.01.202217:19 response link 0.3
What's up, Doc?
iggd iggd 29.01.202217:27 response link 0.2
I came to support art and hang out with friends. As you can see, I have already supported art.
Do you think the locals react to this raid?
iggd iggd 29.01.202217:42 response link 0.2
iggd iggd 29.01.202217:49 response link 0.0
Is there are locals here, actually?
link to the gif
DOUOSADM DOUOSADM 29.01.202218:30 response link 0.1
Now we are the locals.
Pashaser Pashaser 01.02.202200:45 response link 0.1
None of the swords will help.
ZachFake ZachFake 01.02.202201:49 response link 0.0
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