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{q\ Vtr') *Me, 8 years old*discover fapping recently* 1 V* 1r,p \ )(5SK* *Keep doing it for over an hour**Di^ 9ets swollen**Get really afraid**Have to tell my mom and dad what I did*OH GODStory by:ftmnyjunk*me, 11 years old*^discover fapping recently**mom asks me to vacuum room**use vacuum hose to
Details Me, 8 years old discover fapping recently
{q£\ Vtr') *Me, 8 years old* »discover fapping recently* 1 V* 1r,p \ ) («5SK* *Keep doing it for over an hour* *Di^ 9ets swollen* *Get really afraid* *Have to tell my mom and dad what I did* OH GOD Story by: ftmnyjunk *me, 11 years old* ^discover fapping recently* *mom asks me to vacuum room* *use vacuum hose to get dust behind bed* *get bored so I put vacuum hose on face and make faces using the hose* *have the brilliant idea of putting suction vacuum hose on dick* "sweet jesus, this feels good” insane orgasmic feeling* *start fapping with it* *mom checks up to see how my room cleaning is going* *stare at my mom with a poker face* *i'm butt naked with the vacuum hose sucking m dick* 30A1 *mom slams the door yelling and is utterly disgusted* *consider suicide* *don't talk to my mom for a month* WORS RY.EVER Story by: *me, 6th grade* *get kicked in the balls by friend* *scream* "MY COOOCK! ! ! !" *let out insanely huge fart from the pain* Story by: *during class* *me, 4 years old* *Stomach feels upset* on *Ask teacher to use bathroom* *Thinks to self, "Fuck this shit"* roblem? *Stomach continues to be upset until lunch* *Tells teacher I'm feeling extremely sick and wants to go home* *Go to office and calls mom to come pick me up* *Have a rough time climbing up the stairs* *Get booksack* *shit just got *Squeezes asscheeks together* *Halfway down the stair ,Shits in pants* *Waits in a bench near the office, sitting on my own shit, trying to act cool* *Girl passes by* *Smells like shit* Story by: **my cousin is staying over my house* (¡0) |§p> ‘me, 10 years old* *tells me that the word masturbate means fighting* *next day in school i get into a argument with someone older then me * *i yell out* r ij C *mfw everyone looks "what?" < OH GOD P ) WHY Story by: bathroom* *Explosive shit flies out ass*
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Oh god... XD Laughed so hard!
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