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Some brilliant inventionsI.The suitcase that becomes a scooterForget running in the airport2. The milk carton that changes color before expiring3. A cellphone that runs on Coca-Cola4. A thief proof chair5. The 3D Plug* /lira;6. The Wallet razorProem Ol Usingcombine biO-M wllh i *oteojoy yovf
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Some brilliant inventions I.The suitcase that becomes a scooter Forget running in the airport 2. The milk carton that changes color before expiring 3. A cellphone that runs on Coca-Cola 4. A thief proof chair 5. The 3D Plug * • / lira; 6. The Wallet razor Proem Ol Using combine biâO-M wllh i» *ot eojoy yovf ah*w 7. Pajamas that can tell if your baby has a fever 8. Magnetic Pins.... no worries that your document will be ruined 9. The Portable Chair
funny pictures,auto,invention,compilation,photo,shut up and take my money
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