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He just wants to look like Dad
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Comments 603.04.201312:37link3.8
that's mah boy!
Re-L May Re-L May 03.04.201312:39 response link 0.1
yeah because that kid cut the top of his head perfectly like that. He also took the time to get in the tub to do so as to not make a mess. staged and sad.

poor kid has attention whores for parents.
NuName Foyou NuName Foyou 03.04.201315:13 response link 0.6
Nah, he is probably a skinhead.
dimwalker dimwalker 03.04.201315:14 response link 0.0
Or that...

I never considered that option. lmao
NuName Foyou NuName Foyou 03.04.201315:21 response link 0.0
lol, with whom are you speaking, dude? use the "response" button
Re-L May Re-L May 03.04.201316:19 response link 0.0
thanks for the advice, I am new to this website.
that was my first ever comment on something here.
NuName Foyou NuName Foyou 04.04.201304:31 response link 0.0
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