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Comments 519.04.201313:08link0.9
Berlusconi is still alive?
Re-L May Re-L May19.04.201314:29responselink 0.0
unfortunately yes...
MinionN42 MinionN4219.04.201314:46responselink 0.0
so he's kinda Putin
Re-L May Re-L May19.04.201314:51responselink 0.0
sort of, people keep voting him, cause he says "NO MOAR TAXES!!!", he goes into parliament, add new taxes and says "COMMUNISTS ADD NEW TAXES!!!". funny think? idiots still believe him and vote again...
MinionN42 MinionN4219.04.201314:57responselink 0.0
I think idiots mustn't vote, but they don't think so. they are in the majority (
Re-L May Re-L May19.04.201315:02responselink 0.0
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