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Hy wrfe arvd I. met <V\ college.1/JeVe be.e./\ -f-o^e+Ker ever SiYvce.ROver tKe past $ yearsXVe completely fory+terv how +0 iV\+era.c+ wi+K o+her uome^,I-Vn married., you wKorelf!calmbli-'eoceaK',comics,funny comics &amp; strips, cartoons,calmblueoceans,wife,marriage,women
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Hy wrfe arvd I. met <V\ college. 1/JeVe be.e./\ -f-o^e+Ker ever SiYvce. R Over tKe past $ years XVe completely •fory+terv how +0 iV\+era.c+ wi+K o+her uome^, I-Vn married., you wKorelf! calmbli-'eoceaK'
comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,calmblueoceans,wife,marriage,women
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SIIiSlEforever-salone%&.'T5i4'/ g[\iMARRIED
DeadWhale DeadWhale22.06.201320:31responselink 0.0
fuck marriage
RedneckJoe RedneckJoe22.06.201320:41responselink 0.0
The cake is a lie!
Run to the hills? You can't escape!
heindall heindall24.06.201318:30responselink 0.0
heindall heindall24.06.201318:30responselink 0.0
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