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S^SKi iS a lot like|gl*Jher\ you're youmt^ if seems ^rossYou Kave i+ all +he +(Vwe iy\ your 2.0'sA^d + you leam +o ^\ <^e+ i+ -from a repu+able source.calrablyeocea^s.corn,comics,funny comics &amp; strips, cartoons,calmblueoceans,sushi,sex,fucking
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S^SKi iS a lot like sex. gl |g l*Jher\ you're youmt^ if seems ^ross You Kave i+ all +he +(Vwe iy\ your 2.0's A^d +Кел you leam +o ОУ^\у <^e+ i+ -from a repu+able source. calrablyeocea^s.corn
comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,calmblueoceans,sushi,sex,fucking
Comments 524.06.201314:51link7.9
yep, sometimes it's dangerous
Re-L May Re-L May 24.06.201315:28 response link 0.1
i wanted something to eat 2 seconds ago, but now i don't...
DeadWhale DeadWhale 24.06.201317:54 response link 0.0
did you think about either hygiene or boobs?
Re-L May Re-L May 24.06.201317:58 response link 0.0
That's the kind of dinner to prevent you from going to the fridge the whole night.
Toreador Toreador 13.06.201700:38 response link 0.0
They shower beforehand, obviously.
Surprisingly, more training is required for this than you would probably think. Mostly around not shivering or twitching when the food is artfully placed on you (it's a bit cool).
Hinoron Hinoron 24.03.202007:19 response link 0.0
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