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omg!! I even jumped out of the keybord :(
Shubudoyka Shubudoyka 19.07.201315:35 response link 0.0
RedRaven RedRaven 19.07.201315:42 response link 0.0
Re-L May Re-L May 19.07.201316:08 response link 0.0
I found this llittle bastard!!
Fluffy Fluffy 19.07.201316:11 response link 0.0
What is that thing?
Cupcakelovers69 Cupcakelovers69 19.07.201316:14 response link 0.0
Its quite interesting parasite - Cymothoa exigua

This parasite enters fish through the gills, and then attaches itself at the base of the fish's tongue. The parasite destroys the fish's tongue, and then attaches itself to the stub of what was once its tongue and becomes the fish's new tongue.
koka koka 19.07.201317:10 response link 0.0
It is actually a scene from a movie titled The Bay. That was a parasite that turned people into... No. No spoilers.
kyokitara kyokitara 18.12.201301:34 response link 0.0
heindall heindall 20.07.201306:44 response link 0.0
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