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The Real Reason Why Wonder Woman Doesn't Have a Better Outfit...
OUR MEW UKJIF0RM5 HAVE ARRIVED, BATMAN, UERE'S yOUR ARMOR-TECU POWER PROTECTOR. WONDER WOMAK), UERE'5 YOUR LATEX PATTLE BIKINI.Bail? HP^anetUNDER-ARMORED WONDERWOMAN DIES IN BATTLE,Dorkly,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,costumes,wonder woman,DC Comics,fandoms,Batman,Superman
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HOW L0W6 HAVE->00 BE^N t4e*e7... |/ THoft'S V I S' i . HE Ffi*GoT THE .,Batman,DC Comics,fandoms,Superman,thor,hammer,room,time
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