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Im not a wizard but i can do magic for myself with zatanna s wandNot all heads of lex luthor are hairlessI dont eat chicKen, but i dinner wings in the HawK-gir| room last night...You have the smallestpenis of all JL-I let Batman put his batmoviie in my cave everyday after lunch...i a tooth biting
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Superman actor Henry Cavill has tried to test out the theory that Superman's identity can be adequately masked by a pair of specs and slightly less ruffled hair, by posing in and around New York's Times Square without appearing to be recognised by anyone.

Only... he wasn't even wearing glasses. And he was wearing a Superman t-shirt. It's almost as if poor Henry Cavill was very bored and wanted some attention, so hit the town expecting to be mobbed by ladies or men or whatever he prefers to pass the time with in hotel rooms -- but nothing happened.
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