you cannot delete a joyreactor account sandbox 

just found my joy reactor account that got hacked

i cannot delete this joyreactor account despite someone kicking me off it like 2 years ago, i've finay regained access and there's no delete button. whelp.
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art crazy sandbox futurama tv shows help me please 

-11.8. Oh well this site's full of trolls. Here's a futurama photo to cure the butthurtz
art,beautiful pictures,crazy,sandbox,futurama,tv shows,help me please
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internet art weird crazy more in comments artist artistic madness sandbox help me please ...that's enough internet for today internet shit weirdness 

More crazy photos in comments!
internet,art,beautiful pictures,weird,weirdness,internet shit,that's enough internet for today,crazy,more in comments,artist,artistic,madness,sandbox,help me please
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Every reaction gif you will ever need. more in comments.
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cats art sandbox help me please 

Hi I'm LeagueofJohn_C. I'm kinda into CRAZY pictures. Follow me on twitter @leagueofjohn_c.
cats,art,beautiful pictures,sandbox,help me please
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art cats sandbox help me please 

art,beautiful pictures,cats,sandbox,help me please
Hi I'm LeagueofJohn_C. I'm kinda into CRAZY pictures. Follow me on twitter @leagueofjohn_c.
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