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Sometimes you make do

Got stood up by my date so thought I'd treat a special girl in my life.,funny pictures,girlfriend,dog,dinner
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Everything is a dildo, if you are brave enoughia basdelouw 2dThere once was a lady named jill Who tried a dynamite stick for a thrill They found her vagina In North Carolina And bits of her tits in Brazil,funny pictures,meme,dildo,limerick,mortar,bomb,dynamite
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"Okay, one more time and its off to bed for the both of you. ...Hey, Bob. Think there are any bears in this old cave?...I dunno, Jim. Lets take a look.,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,Far Side,gary larson,bear,hiker,kids,children,cave
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UFE /lU E Fine Of IWPLEASAMT SENSATIaI$You a/EED To EXPft|a/cG a wide range so y0u CAN PftoPEfcLY GAUGE which oHesA/^e wo^srNATHAMWPytC,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,nathanwpyle,aliens,kids,children,salad,food,meal,eat
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