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Comments 922.12.201518:35link10.2
Lazy animation is lazy
Asator Asator 22.12.201520:22 response link -1.6
I would like to see you do better.
MadAssassin MadAssassin 23.12.201501:08 response link 0.0
I would like to sit in a restaurant and say that i disliked the food and another guest would tell me, that he would like to see me do better.
If you are an artist and show your work "in public" you should be open to critique.
And i say this as an artist.
I'm quite sure that you are not the creator because you would be really mad that your work is posted here like that.
But to clarify, that my critique is not just trolling.

The animation of the socks has 2 Frames.
The shirt has 5 frames of animation at max as does the hair.
I would say that those magic stuff has about 10 frames maybe and i would let it pass as okay.
The floating does not count as animated, because the whole object needs no alteration for that.

What makes it really "lazy" as i said it, is the fact, that there is no extra movement in her body which would require a good portion of extra work.

But as i said, you are not the artist and the artist was not asking me for critique, i'm just saying, that it is some lazy animation period
Asator Asator 23.12.201501:26 response link 0.3
10 might be stretching it
PaladinPanther PaladinPanther 23.12.201509:02 response link 0.0
So going back and counting even though it's not always 1-2 the socks have 2 different frames yes.
This is without scrubbing through so mind i may be off
Horn: lets just say 15 due to gradient change

She does float up and down which is just simple post edits. I have to agree with Asator, in relation to the work feeling a tad lazy. HOWEVER if the artist is new to gif making then props to them. I am never one to bash someone who is new, because they may not be able to do any manipulation further due to their skill set.
Overlord5670 Overlord5670 23.12.201509:10 response link 0.2

This is the artist in question.
You can see some solid smooth animations in his galery.
And it underlines what i said about body movement.

And i don't want to break some big diskussion of the fence.
I just wanted to clarify my point in my second post, and not end up like some bitter troll.
Asator Asator 23.12.201511:29 response link 0.1
Asator bringing the heat!
Jinwa Jinwa 23.12.201516:24 response link 0.2
it's his style, very nice style
granitex granitex 23.12.201522:40 response link 0.0
Nice art,
granitex granitex 23.12.201522:35 response link 0.0
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