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Comments 6 16.02.201708:20 link 8.1
She should sue her surgeon. The right breast is clearly bigger than the left, and her lips look hideous.
Bavaria Bavaria17.02.201711:54responselink -2.6
Um..... Sorry to call you out, but every woman has one breast larger than the other, sometimes a full cup size. Most good surgeons will not make them both the same size in order to hide the face that they were augmented. Besides, it doesn't look like this woman has ever seen the inside of a plastic surgeons office.. she looks Brazilian.
bwalla210 bwalla21017.02.201718:05responselink 0.1
You can see the scar on her right breast on lower side of the areola. The right corner of her lips turn upwards in a maner only seen in shoddy surgeon work. Look at a picture of Donatella Versace or Emmanuelle Béart, you see what i mean.

And if she is brazilian, that only supports my claim. Brazil has the most plastic surgerys done in the whole world.
Bavaria Bavaria17.02.201721:47responselink -1.0
No one gives a piss poor damn if she has had plastic surgery or not...once she sticks those boobs in your face, you will forget what your name is.
link to the gif
alcortje alcortje17.02.201722:10responselink 0.0
baileyboy baileyboy18.02.201713:35responselink 1.2
most natural breasts are different sizes, some are more noticeable than others
jackgw8 jackgw812.03.201711:20responselink 0.0
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