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When you see it

geek,funny pictures,dinosaur,t-rex,fail,when you see it,Jurassic World

geek,funny pictures,dinosaur,t-rex,fail,when you see it,Jurassic World
Comments 710.09.201820:12link3.9
It passed so much time when i was a child, but i think it is a carnotaurus not a t-rex.
Stalker Stalker10.09.201822:21responselink 0.1
That, or a T-rex with anatomical mistakes, like the horns, or what I assume is the point of this post, the little baby human-hands.
Hinoron Hinoron12.09.201820:17responselink 0.0
I'm still not anymore an "expert" but that's pretty look like a carnotaurus arms, obviusly is still a crappy toy, but close enough.
Stalker Stalker13.09.201800:10responselink 0.0
Crappy toy...? Hey I was so poor I didn't have toys to play with. I had to play with myself.
alcortje alcortje13.09.201804:16responselink 0.0
I think the bottom jaw is maybe what they're pointing out
eternaltomar eternaltomar13.09.201819:41responselink 0.0
(Hinoron looks carefully at the lower jaw several more times).

O.o What's odd about the bottom jaw?
Hinoron Hinoron14.09.201801:41responselink 0.0
He does have a weird overbite like that retarded kid Donny....the one that used to eat the paste in school....high school.
alcortje alcortje14.09.201805:47responselink 0.0
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