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movie Frozen (movie) disney disney princess Elsa Frozen Olaf Han Solo Star Wars fandoms mashups 
movie,Frozen (movie),disney,disney princess,Elsa Frozen,Olaf,Han Solo,Star Wars,fandoms,mashups

movie,Frozen (movie),disney,disney princess,Elsa Frozen,Olaf,Han Solo,Star Wars,fandoms,mashups
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... I've never imagined this kind of mash-up before... but I would ABSOLUTELY go watch that movie!

Jabba the Hut. "Oooga modo shiki new slaaaave! Ha. Ha. haAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!"
Slave Elsa: "Let's cut a deal, tubby. You gently thaw my boyfriend out of that brown corbonite stuff for me, and I will CONSIDER gently thawing your genitalia back out again, rather than letting them shatter like dropped glassware. Decide quickly. Extremities suffering extreme frostbite have been known to TURN BLACK and FALL OFF if they're not warmed up again quickly enough!"
Boba Fett: "DAMN! I've heard of 'self-rescuing princesses' before, but this ridiculous! (And terrifying!)"
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