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Why the dinosaurs died

link to the gifgif,gif animation, animated pictures,earth,flat,dinosaurs,meteor,geek

gif,gif animation, animated pictures,earth,flat,dinosaurs,meteor,geek
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Just flung then off the disk
moo_roar moo_roar03.12.201900:57responselink -1.5
Funny... although my understanding is that there's a lot of overlap between Flat Earth Society and Creationist Fundies. Most probably wouldn't buy this because they think dinosaur bones were put in the ground by Satan to test their faith.
(I prefer the interpretation that they were put there by got to test our intelligence... and not everyone is passing the test. :P )
Hinoron Hinoron04.12.201902:38responselink -0.1
Back at school days i was the dunce, the one with the worst score in test. By another side the best one, the teachers' pet always put across about no dinosaurs or preitoric mans ever exist, god just create us as we are, but back in time some malformations create that monster we displace as ancestors or preistoric animals.

I hate people.
Stalker Stalker04.12.201922:56responselink 0.0
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