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Japanese TV Show

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Comments 303.01.202018:32link4.0
...The longer I spend (over)thinking about this, the more terrifying it is.

A compartment suddenly opens, you have just that second or so to register it, then with an alarmingly loud noise, it EXPLODES into your face! You can feel the wetness dripping down, and your not sure if it's your blood, your brains, or your face peeling off...
... oh wait; tastes like whipped cream. Cancel the heart attack.

(That last bit is hardly a joke. You don't see them springing this on the elderly, do you?)
Hinoron Hinoron 05.01.202004:26 response link -0.1
The Japanese have some awesomely weird shit on TV. I think productivity in the US would drop at least 25% if we could get this on a regular basis. And I have seen some elderly people pranked on Japanese TV.
alcortje alcortje 05.01.202006:18 response link 0.0
We have such thought constantly during our lives, even just get wet by some drop from glass of water or accidentaly hitting our toe to some drawer corner, put in text like you did make it more drammatic that actualy are, our brains can elaborate much more in less time and don't look to me there are so many heart attack around.

If i have to be honest even admit i'm not a medic i'm pretty sure being lazy and eating a lot in a happy and serene environment give much more heart attack than this prank.
Stalker Stalker 05.01.202016:21 response link 0.0
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