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geek cosplay japanese schoolgirl school uniform lightning 
geek,cosplay,japanese,schoolgirl,school girl,school uniform,lightning

geek,cosplay,japanese,schoolgirl,school girl,school uniform,lightning
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Don't know why it never occured to me there would be Harry Potter fans in Asia (this picture being either Japan or possibly China). Now I kinda want to know more about Japanese HP fans, and what other crazy shit they get up to! :D
Hinoron Hinoron 22.02.202022:50 response link 0.0
... Actually here's a particularly gushy Japanese girl fan meeting Daniel Radcliff through a Japanese variety show or something (there's a studio audience laughing their asses off at the footage).
Daniel speaks ZERO Japanese, and seems super awkward as this squealing girl respectfully asks to touch him to see if he's real... but my goodness, what a good sport he is about it!

Hinoron Hinoron 28.02.202014:52 response link 0.0
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