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Bad Translation

art,beautiful pictures,geek,food,meal,fish,translation

art,beautiful pictures,geek,food,meal,fish,translation
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Very kinki
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The thing about fish... the general public only knows the names of a few of them, and we've largely overfished those populations out. There are LOTS of other edible fish out there, but people are reluctant to eat an unfamliar fish name.

So, fishmongers and especially restaurants LIE to you constantly.

Your pink salmon fillets came not from the ocean, where they got pink on a diet of krill. They came from a fish farm, being fed... quite honestly the mixed refuse from other agriculture fields that keeps piling up (the feathers kind of threw me). Farmed salmon is a dull grey in colour, so to make you buy it, it's DYED pink.

Restaurants go even farther, since it's much harder to catch them when we eat most of the evidence put on our plates. Usually they substitute the fish you order for another type of fish you've never heard of. They also rename unappetizing sounding fish like the "Slime-head" into fancier names like "Orange Ruffie" to entice you to order it.
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